Our manufacturing company "Vector-08" was founded in 1988 as a a production cooperative "Vector" automatization and mechanization devices. From the very beginning the company produced different types of products such as crown cork, decorative wood products, plastic products, wood splitters for industry. Also in our own company made repairs and modernization of the metalcutting equipment with the installation to the manufacturing lines of the customers.

The company has 3,000 sq.m. production areas and office facilities. On a permanent basis we have a staff of 60 people. Every year we carry out modernization and robotization of our production, and that made our company unique in Ukraine in this field. Our entire work focused on improving the quality and decreasing final cost of our products. Since 2014 we started exporting concrete mixers in other CIS countries.

· We are 100% Ukrainian manufacturer with experience in production for 27 years.

· Our specialization - the production household products.

· Each product - is the result of hard work constructors, engineers, mechanics, and contains unique solutions that make our products distinctive from analogues.

· All our products have a warranty and post-warranty service.

· Our products are available in biggest supermarkets and other stores.

· Our pricing and customer policy makes our products as a good choice in comparison with analogs.

Our mission:

- Develop the technological modernization of production in Ukraine, which is able to compete with leading foreign analogues

- Production of affordable and reliable products

- Development and implementation of innovative technologies